Easy Access Restraints System Leather or Neoprene


Leather: Center bar is 24 inches in length. Cuffs are adjustable from 8 to 11 inches in circumference and 2 inches in width.
Neoprene: Center bar is 22 inches in total length. Ankle cuffs are 16 inches apart. Wrist cuffs are 9 inches apart. Cuffs measure 15 inches in circumference.

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Leather: The Strict Leather Leather Easy Access Restraints System is a comfortable and versatile spreader system. The high quality locking leather ankle and wrist cuffs are attached to leather wrapped spreader bar. The system allows a person to be strapped in with their wrists and ankles together and spaced evenly apart. The spreader mid-section is rigid so they can not adjust their position. Material: Leather metal Color: Black Note: Locks sold separately

Neoprene: The cuffs are made of heavy duty nylon on the outside to hold the strongest prisoners yet comfortable neoprene on the inside. The spreader mid-section is rigid so they can not adjust their position. The mid section is made of nylon with a reinforced bar underneath. Cuffs secure using heavy duty Velcro. The ankles are 16 inches apart while the wrist are 9 inches apart. There are a variety of fun positions to secure your partner in. Great for doggy style action. Material: Neoprene nylon Velcro metal Color: Black

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